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Professional Land & Engineering Surveyors. Vastly experienced, we have worked in Botswana, Iran, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa & Swaziland.

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Electric Power Lines

Approximately 10 000kms surveyed in Southern Africa & Abroad. All types of lines between 33kV & 700kV surveyed

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Is a long established firm (previously Schneider & Dreyer established 1970) which practices Land Surveying throughout Southern Africa & abroad. Over the last 8 years, we have formed an association with Airborne Technologies & have done extensive aerial mapping initially with model aircraft, but presently fixed wing aircraft. We have always had a sense of adventure & the firm has a history of tackling any type of survey required.


Cadastral surveys include townships, subdivision of erven & farms, sectional title surveys, servitudes for pipelines, transmission lines, rights of way, aqueducts as well as long term leases.

Cadastral compilations with map backgrounds & owners details were prepared for all Eskom power stations & surrounding areas. These type of compilations are also used as a basis for mining right applications.


Engineering surveys include approximately 10 000kms of transmission lines throughout Southern Africa & Iran involving route selection, profiling & tower/pole staking. As built surveys of old water canals & hydrographic survey of  various dams in the Free State. Numerous contour & detail surveys, as built power line surveys, pipeline surveys & filling station application surveys.


High precision dam deformation surveys, 2mm horizontal accuracy, 0,5mm vertical accuracy, were undertaken at the Bongolo Dam near Queenstown & presently, Ngodwana Dam in Mpumalanga. The main & secondary spars of the wings of  Beachcraft King Air Aircraft where the pilots had illegally  barrel rolled were surveyed to 1mm accuracy to determine structural deformation. Survey of overhead gantries & supporting structures to determine cause of bearing failure.



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33kV Lines Mozambique 1500kms

Electric Power Lines
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Professional Land Surveyors
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Jabiru 4 seater – 54 Megapixel Camera

Aerial Photography

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Surveying is an Adventure

A rural electrification project in Quelimane, Mozambique, included providing power to an adjacent island. Our survey vehicle was left on the island for the duration of the survey there & the boat in the picture, took us to the island daily. Quelimane is subject to sea tides & on parts of the low areas on the island, we had to study tide tables to ascertain what time we could so the survey. It is also an area where prawns thrive & the grey mud is dangerous  & a little like quicksand. We all got stuck in the mud on occasions & you had to quickly get as horizontal  as possible, otherwise you could be sucked under. Numerous pairs of wellingtons were lost.

We surveyed a 88kV double line in Botswana just prior to purchasing a GPS system & during the daily survey, we used motorbikes to transport the total stations & a 4×4 to transport the tripods etc. The project was completed in record time.  At the end of the day we rode back home on the motorbikes enjoying the soft sandy tracks.

An as built survey of an old canal near Warrenton, constructed in 1937. The water was switched off during the day. Canals are quite complicated, interspaced with flumes, siphons & weirs. At the end of the day when the water was switched on, many snakes were observed in the water, they must have laid on the warm concrete of the canal during the day.

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